May 15 – May 19 : IFCS-EFTF joint conference in Toyama, Japan

FEMTO Engineering will participate in the next “IFCS-EFTF joint conference”, dedicated to the Time & Frequency domain. This year, the conference will take place in Toyama, Japan.Our Time and Frequency engineers, Christophe and Benoît, will present the ultra-stable oscillator ULISS and the last development the Oscillator Instability Measurement Platform services. Meet them on booth 1-4 […]

JNTE 2022, from november 28 to december 2, Besançon

FEMTO ENGINEERING participates in the National Days on Emerging Technologies in Micro-Nanofabrication, School of Micro-Nanotechnologies (JNTE 2022) from November 28 to December 2 in Besançon. This is an opportunity to present our work on optical frequency converters and our possibilities for manufacturing custom PPLN structures. In particular, we offer domain inversion on niobate and lithium […]

Visit us at booth #18 EFTF-IFCS conference in Paris from April 24th to 28

FEMTO Engineering will be pleased to welcome you on our booth #18 at EFTF-IFCS 2022, to present you our new results on ultrastable frequency synthesis in radio-frequency and microwave domains. You will also find you ULISS the ultra-stable oscillator and our expertise for measuring phase noise and frequency stability. FEMTO Engineering will highlight its skills […]

Design of low-noise frequency synthesizer chains

FEMTO Engineering develops low-loise frequency synthesizer for the radio-frequency and microwave domains. Our teams specialize in the design of this equipment, in particular for the ultra-stable cryogenic oscillator ULISS. Their know-how guarantees you to generate a signal at the frequency necessary for your needs without degrading the performance of your reference oscillator.We offer to you […]

Welcome to 2022!

The FEMTO Engineering team wishes you a happy new year 2022! Photo: Study of the properties of flax fibers (extracted from 4,000-year-old mortuary linens found in Egyptian sarcophagi in the Louvre) Find our activities on

Cleanroom microtechnology: an open platform for companies

Discover or rediscover the cleanroom microfabrication center: Mimento – Micronic precision at the service of leading sectors. FEMTO Engineering and the FEMTO-ST Institute present industrial collaborations for the development of electric field sensors in an optical fiber, microfluidic devices for cell sorting (microrobotics), gas / fine particle detection devices in the air (pollution ), miniature […]

Multi-scale characterisation of biobased composites

FEMTO Engineeringoffers differents mechanical characterisations adapted to biobased composites. These tests are many, ranging from characterisation at the fiber scale, to characterisation of the composite or of the structure produced. The tests can be carried out under different environmental conditions with a specific set-up to carry out tensile tests in immersion. A range of fatigue […]

MECHANICS is now part of our skills!

FEMTO ENGINEERING is expanding its skills by entering an activity in MECHANICS in the form of 3 technological areas: multi-scale mechanical characterisation solutions, solutions in vibration and vibroacoustics of structures and tribological characterisations. We operate on the AMESTISTE platform which will beput forward soon as a film.


FEMTO Engineering participe à Techninnov, the innovation business meetings, on February 27, Paris la Défense. Find us on stand G11. We will present our latest innovations in cleanroom microfabrication: Deep dry etching of dielectric materials, Multi-wafer bonding at room temperature, LIGA multi-level: SU-8 mold and Nickel parts, As well as our new technique forcutting thick […]


Meet us at the RDV Carnot in Paris on October 16 and 17, 2019 on the Carnot Télécom & Société numérique stand ! See you soon on OUR STAND B39 ! More informations :