Design of low-noise frequency synthesizer chains

FEMTO Engineering develops low-loise frequency synthesizer for the radio-frequency and microwave domains. Our teams specialize in the design of this equipment, in particular for the ultra-stable cryogenic oscillator ULISS. Their know-how guarantees you to generate a signal at the frequency necessary for your needs without degrading the performance of your reference oscillator.
We offer to you a custom synthesis designed service with output frequencies suitable for your applications.
The output frequencies can cover a range from 5 MHz to 12 GHz. These output frequencies are easily user adjustable with a few µHz resolution over 1 MHz frequency range.

The Time-Frequency team of FEMTO Engineering has recently developed a low-noise synthesis at 9.192 GHz with exceptional performance: Sphi = -94 dBrad²/Hz @ 1Hz.
This synthesis is made to generate the interrogation frequency required for Cesium clocks. By coupling this frequency synthesis with the ultra-stable cryogenic oscillator ULISS, it is possible to achieve the best performances of an atomic fountain clock. This kind of clocks are the primary frequency standards that realize the international legal time (UTC: Coordinated Universal Time).

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