Visit us at booth #18 EFTF-IFCS conference in Paris from April 24th to 28

FEMTO Engineering will be pleased to welcome you on our booth #18 at EFTF-IFCS 2022, to present you our new results on ultrastable frequency synthesis in radio-frequency and microwave domains. You will also find you ULISS the ultra-stable oscillator and our expertise for measuring phase noise and frequency stability. FEMTO Engineering will highlight its skills […]

Design of low-noise frequency synthesizer chains

FEMTO Engineering develops low-loise frequency synthesizer for the radio-frequency and microwave domains. Our teams specialize in the design of this equipment, in particular for the ultra-stable cryogenic oscillator ULISS. Their know-how guarantees you to generate a signal at the frequency necessary for your needs without degrading the performance of your reference oscillator.We offer to you […]