JNTE 2022, from november 28 to december 2, Besançon

FEMTO ENGINEERING participates in the National Days on Emerging Technologies in Micro-Nanofabrication, School of Micro-Nanotechnologies (JNTE 2022) from November 28 to December 2 in Besançon. This is an opportunity to present our work on optical frequency converters and our possibilities for manufacturing custom PPLN structures. In particular, we offer domain inversion on niobate and lithium […]

Multi-scale characterisation of biobased composites

FEMTO Engineeringoffers differents mechanical characterisations adapted to biobased composites. These tests are many, ranging from characterisation at the fiber scale, to characterisation of the composite or of the structure produced. The tests can be carried out under different environmental conditions with a specific set-up to carry out tensile tests in immersion. A range of fatigue […]

MECHANICS is now part of our skills!

FEMTO ENGINEERING is expanding its skills by entering an activity in MECHANICS in the form of 3 technological areas: multi-scale mechanical characterisation solutions, solutions in vibration and vibroacoustics of structures and tribological characterisations. We operate on the AMESTISTE platform which will beput forward soon as a film. sri@femto-st.fr