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An key expertise center

FEMTO Engineering offers specific and high-level engineering developments based on the research conducted at FEMTO-ST.

FEMTO Engineering serves SMEs and large companies.

Different fields of technology

With the support of the excellent facilities of the FEMTO-ST research institute, FEMTO Engineering undertakes development projects in 5 broad technological fields:

  • Energy
  • Optics, photonics and laser machining
  • Electronics and hyperfrequencis
  • Micro-technologies for cleanrooms
  • Robotics

World records

Technological developments

The maturity level of the center’s current technological developments is situated between 3 and 7 on the TRL scale (Technology Readiness Level).

The staff

The FEMTO Engineering team is comprised of 12 staff members, mainly PhDs and engineers. Having come from the world of research or business, they are privileged partners for industry.

Located at FEMTO-ST’s different sites, the technologists are an integral part of the institute’s research teams: in Belfort for energy, in Besançon for time-frequency, microfabrication and nano-machining.

Trading status

FEMTO Engineering is the engineering center of Foundation FC'INNOV, created in 2013 by the University of Franche-Comté.

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